Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Lightspeed Method

I must admit, I do not like retracts very much. Retracts slow down the printing significantly. Sometimes it seems to me that a lot of people need fast printers just to compensate for the time they lose on retracts.

So I began to try out a different method. It is very simple: Just set the travelling speed at least 3 times faster than the printing speed. The intention is to be that quick so there is simply no time for oozing.

Theoretically a travelling speed close to light speed would be ideal for this, hence the name light speed method. ;)

It is important that any G-code belonging to retract is omitted, as it slows down the printer even if there is no movement resulting from it. To achieve this, in skeinforge I set retraction speed to 0.

Results look promising.

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